Tube forming based on your drawings


Are you looking for tubes which are specifically formed to your production needs? For you to build them in directly? BENTELER Distribution supplies steel tube forming services and attachment parts based on your drawings. Our specialists will advise you on the various DIN 8582 stress categories.


Our spectrum of steel tube forming services includes:

  • Pressure forming according to DIN 8583: free forming, working, pushing in, driving, roller burnishing
  • Tension-compression forming according to DIN 8584: pressing, hydroforming, energy-impulse forming, acute-angle bulging, drawing, flange forming
  • Tensile forming according to DIN 8585: widths, lengths, depths (for example embossing)
  • Bend forming according to DIN 8586: bending
  • Shear forming according to DIN 8587: with straight tool motion, upending, twisting