Coated steel tubes according to your specifications


Do your steel tubes require increased corrosion or wear resistance? Or improved traction or anti-adhesive properties? Then we are your competent partner. We provide high-quality and customized coating solutions. And the best thing is: we are eager to find the optimal solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Our technical specialists are here to answer any question you might have.

Our program of steel tube coating services

  • Individually configured coating combinations based on fluorocarbon polymers, metals, synthetic materials, ceramics, nanostructures and powder coating for special applications.
  • Varnishing, synthetic, CDP and powder coating for conventional corrosion protection
  • Coating using soldering, welding and evaporating upon request.
  • Surface protection coated precision steel tubes for hydraulic applications. ZISTA® SEAL and ZISTAPLEX® from our sister division BENTELER Steel/Tube.
  • Fully formable, bendable and paintable
  • Reliable corrosion protection – even transport, manipulation marks, and scratches have no influence
  • Compatible with most coupling system
  • Available in a full line of imperial 0.157” – 1.654” and metric sizes of 4 – 42 mm
  • REACh conforming surface (EU countries)
  • CrVI-free outside electroplated tubes with organic coating
  • Excellent corrosion resistance due to duple-system (zinc plus organic coating)
  • Proofed in salt spray test (test duration up to 500 h)
  • Excellent properties after forming operations like bending and end forming
  • Free configuration of surface structure
  • Compatible with most coupling systems
  • Meets all requirements of the End of Life Vehicle, REACh and EU Directive