BENTELER PreFiS – Bonds you can trust

  • Unique design with four inner metal rings keeps every tube bonded, even under tough conditions
  • Certified for extreme pressures up to 630 bar
  • Can easily withstand commonly used chemicals and is also diffusion-resistant
  • Advanced and light press tools with improved ergonomics
  • Quick preperation and fast cycle times
  • No special training required for installation
  • We provide the complete solution: a package of BENTELER PreFiS and stainless/carbon steel tubes according to your needs
  • Our experienced tube specialists work closely with leading steel tube manufacturers
  • Test the tube bonds you need under various conditions in advance
  • Our network of engineers continuously improve our press fittings

Metallically sealing fitting. No welding. Pressed in seconds.

With BENTELER PreFiS, you can create tight bonds between tubes without welding, in just seconds. BENTELER PreFiS stands for Press Fitting System. It is a metallically sealing tube connection system for high pressure applications. The fittings can be installed easily with the help of a press tool and a hydraulic pump which are both supplied by us. PreFiS is suitable for seamless and welded stainless and carbon steel tubes.




Whether in cruise ships, tunnels or buildings, BENTELER PreFiS is the ideal solution for advanced firefighting systems operating with high pressure water mist or CO2. It is also perfectly safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ex zone) and highly inflammable environments, for example oil rigs or chemical and petrochemical plants. BENTELER PreFiS is suitable for transportation of various liquids & gases, such as water, paint, glue, oil, gas or air.


- Carbon steel

- Stainless steel

Body:  1.0570; Press ring sets: 42CrMo4 (1.7225, 1.7227)

Body: 1.4404, 1.4571; Press ring sets: 42CrMo4 (1.7225, 1.7227)

Pipe diameter

(acc. to DIN/EN and ASTM)

- Carbon steel

- Stainless steel

10.0 – 88.9 mm

10.0 – 76.1 mm


- Carbon steel

- Stainless steel

up to 630 bar operating pressure

up to 260 bar operating pressure


-55°C - 400°C (depending on approval)

Fittings in nearly every form an size