Steel tube solutions for shipbuilding

High strength steel for static requirements, tubes for conveying liquid and gaseous media or fittings and flanges to connect tubes. Shipbuilders source these products in a high quality from BENTELER.

Especially the BENTELER PreFiS press fitting system is very much appreciated: bonding tubes quickly, without welding and even in narrow spaces. The system consists of robust metal seal fittings. Special ergonomic tools press the fittings within seconds onto the tubes. In combination with our tube expertise you get a reliable and long-lasting tube bond.

BENTELER PreFiS press fitting system– no welding required

BENTELER PreFiS press fitting system

Strong tube bond:

BENTELER PreFiS’ unique inner design with four metal teeth keeps every tube bonded. It is the only tube bond certified for extreme pressures up to 630 bars, can easily stand commonly used chemicals and is diffusion resistant.

Smart for your business:

Our advanced, handy press tool is lighter and has improved ergonomics. It is quickly prepared, reduces cycle times and allows you to finish your products quicker. Your staff does not need much time nor special training to use it, which saves you time.

Supportive for you:

With BENTELER PreFiS, you benefit from a complete solution. Our close cooperation with BENTELER Steel/Tube offers you world-wide support from experienced specialists. They always find the best steel tubes for your individual requirements and support you in testing the tube bonds under various conditions. In addition, we continuously improve our press fittings via our engineer network, helping you to stay ahead of your competition.

Carbon steel press fittings

Carbon steel press fittings

Material: Body: 1.0570; Press ring sets: 42CrMo4 (1.7225, 1.7227)
Pipe diameter: 10.0 to 88.9 mm
Temperatures and pressure: -55°C to 400°C, up to 630 bar operating pressure
Stainless steel press fittings
Material: Body: 1.4404, 1.4571; Press ring sets: 42CrMo4 (1.7225, 1.7227)
Pipe diameter: 10.0 to 76.1 mm
Temperatures and pressure: -55°C to 400°C, up to 260 bar operating pressure

Additional services

We offer additional services, technical consulting and product demonstration

Technical consulting and product demonstration: You get professional advice and to a personal demonstration of the functionalities on site.
Custom products: PreFiS is available in numerous shapes and dimensions. In addition, we can develop customized solutions for you.