We offer our customers off- and online-ordering support from EDI to web portal for easy access to our tube portfolio tailored to their needs. Our Customer Portal - a central digital hub - provides our customers in Sweden and Switzerland 24/7 services: they can order, receive offers, see invoice details and search articles for current stock level. We continuously evolve the web shop functionalities and are rolling this digital platform out to other regions in 2019.

Our new home for our Swiss subsidiar Kindlimann AG

We are building a new home for our Swiss subsidiary Kindlimann AG. On a total area of 44,000 square meters we are constructing several high-rack storage facilities and production areas for the automotive component manufacturing. As leading international distribution partner for high-quality steel tubes, we continuously invest into our locations to provide our customers premium products and services worldwide.

Demagnetization cleaning

Metallic residues on tubes can cause issues in the further processing. We conduct demagnetization of tubes to reach the desired classes of purity for our customers. The process strips the materials of residual magnetism from up to +/- 0,25 ampere per centimeter. The metallic particles on the surface can be washed off afterwards. This saves our customers extensive cleaning processes and increases the surface quality of the tubes to enhance their longevity.

In Czech Republic we provide latest technology with the TruLaser Tube 5000. It processes tubes faster and more precisely and can process tubes, profiles and flat profiles consisting of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. That applies from an outside diameter from 20 up to 152 mm, a wall thickness from up to 9 mm, and a length from 1 up to 3,000 mm (tolerance +/- 0.2 mm). The used gases are oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air.

Before wind turbines can do their job of generating energy on the open sea, they first have be put into place. The heavy-lift offshore cranes that carry out this work are subject to extreme conditions on the sea. BENTELER delivered 250 tons of specially made steel tubes for the construction of these lattice boom cranes.

Singapore decided to advance its electricity grid infrastructure by constructing two cable tunnels, 60 meters deep under the city. The cable tunnels need a reliable fire extinguishing system. The BENTELER PreFiS press fittings and our high quality stainless steel tubes form essential parts of the required high-pressure extinguishing unit.

BENTELER PreFiS system solution connects tubes in confined spaces.

We ensure that passengers can securely enjoy their cruise. How? Our BENTELER PreFiS system solution connects tubes in confined spaces. For example, also in fire extinguishing systems where water is transported with high pressure. Thanks to its unique design with four inner metal rings, PreFiS keeps every tube bonded, even under tough conditions. Depending on material, and size, PreFiS is certified for extreme pressures up to 630 bar. Leading shipyards worldwide trust in that.

Since the opening of Zurich’s new airport in June 2016, more than 5 million passengers can witness daily: We do not leave passengers out in the rain. The impressive 350 meters roof construction rests on 60 tons of welded steel tube supporting pillars that our Swiss subsidiary Kindlimann AG supplied. Nearly 10 tons of square tubes can be found in the struts of the truss construction.

Eight water slides with a total length of one kilometer: Fantastic fun all the way at the Säntispark Water Park in Abtwil, Switzerland. Kindlimann, BENTELER´s subsidiary in Switzerland, delivered 2,000 meters of heating and cooling tubes – just-in-time – for this fun experience.